Friday, October 03, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Tuesday August 26, 2008

Today I woke up for my last time in the hotel. I had breakfast, packed and a fellow named Harry picked me up and moved me over to the guest room at JIC. It is well appointed, with an outer sitting room with TV and a kitchen table, and an inner bedroom with 2 beds, a kitchenette and a desk. It has internet access and a TV as well.

In addition to secular employment in his own advertising agency, Harry has an interesting ministry. He works quite a bit with the youth, and specifically in making sure that some of the smaller assemblies around the country get workers (particularly but not exclusively youth) to help. So if there is an outreach happening, he’ll make sure a couple dozen young people are sent to help.

After getting settled in, Harry took me to the Petronas twin towers. There is a shopping complex at the base between the towers, extending up 6 stories. I had lunch there with Harry and Keat San at a restaurant chain known as “Chillies”. I had the Chicken Monterey. After eating we wandered about for a few minutes, because one of the women at JIC works for the CEO of Petronas and was able to get us two tickets for the sky bridge. This is the bridge that connects the two towers, 170 meters up. These tickets are much in demand and I didn’t think I would get the opportunity to go up. Afterward I bought a number of items from the gift shop.

For supper, Ginny Lingam from the Conference Committee took me out for supper with three of the young people. They all had questions about how youth ministry is done in Canada. Two of them were medical school students and one was studying computer programming. I’m afraid I didn’t have a whole lot of answers for them about how to run cell groups.

I spoke in the evening on Hebrews 9. After last Saturday/Sunday where I had 6 messages in 2 days, preaching once a day is a pleasure. They have an expression here; “Here comes the missionary. Let’s kill him.” The implication is that they kill him with overwork. I wore a short-sleeves shirt tonight with no tie, and it was much cooler.

The people here are continuing to do an amazing job looking after me. The conference committee is making sure I’m out for lunch and supper every day, and tonight a lady from JIC came up to me with fresh strawberries and a peach. I’m being given far more food than I can eat!


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