Friday, September 19, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Wednesday August 20, 2008

About noon we drove up to the Genting Highlands, and the Genting View Resort where we will be staying. It took about an hour, and it is sufficiently high that my ears were popping. The road was good but very winding, and in some places had a much steeper grade than we could have in Canada, due to the snow (i.e. 10% grade).

I am settled into a studio apartment, with a kitchen and a refrigerator (cold drinks!). There is no air conditioning, but it isn’t really needed here since the temperature is 20 to 23 degrees year round, and there are overhead fans in the rooms. However it is still quite humid.

For lunch we went to a Chinese restaurant in Gotong Jaya, a small town beside the resort. They keep threatening me with “the durian” which is said to be “the king of the fruits”. It smells like old socks, but we’ll see. We were not allowed to bring them into the hotel due to the smell! I have to get used to steps that are of different heights, and places where there is a drop off without any guard rails! We had a little rest before supper, and then the ministry started at 8:00pm. Peter ferry started a series of 7 messages on Malachi, and the ministry was excellent.


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