Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Sunday August 17, 2008

This morning I had another excellent buffet breakfast in the hotel. The Breaking of Bread started at 8:45am. The format is familiar, with a couple of small differences. I knew most of the hymns. At 9:45 I preached on Romans 16, tying in the greetings sent by my church with those greetings sent by Paul. I got the timing off a bit, so I needed to cut some material on the fly. Then at 11:30 I spoke to the college age people on “Thinking Like a Christian”. We were in a circle, so I tried to do it more as a chit-chat than a sermon, and answered a number of good questions afterwards. Interestingly the questions seemed to have a lot to do with why we do things different than the Roman Catholics.

After that I was wiped out, so rather than going out for lunch I just went back to the hotel and got some chicken teriyaki from room service. After a nap and doing some praying and practicing, I was back at JIC for the 7:00pm Gospel Meeting. There I gave my testimony of how I became a Christian. It seemed to go well. After, one of the Elders took me and some of the other Elders out to the Royal Selangor Club for some really good Chinese food (the lemon chicken was great. I can’t believe what we put up with in Canada!). In case you are wondering, yes I am eating all this Chinese food with chop sticks, and washing it down with Green Tea. On the way home I drove past the Petronas Towers, all lit up at night. Usually you think of these towers as just being tall, but I would describe them as “majestic”.


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