Saturday, September 20, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Thursday August 21, 2008

Last night at 11:30pm there was a security guard banging on Peter’s door. It was some sort of mix-up, which required the receptionist to sort out. I found it quite unnerving, because our apartments are separated from the rest.

For breakfast we had traditional Chinese Malaysian food. This includes Nasi Lama, which means “fat rice”. It is made with coconut milk. Everyone urged me to take more but I explained that I didn’t want to end up as “Preacher Lama”. People do not seem shy about putting food on my plate!

I started off the ministry this morning with 3 back-to-back messages on Dispensationalism. There was very good interest, but I was pretty tired at the end. After lunch I went back to my apartment for a nap. It took me a while to get to sleep, but I did get some.

After the nap, we had a forum, which involved Peter and me fielding questions that had been submitted by the audience earlier in the day. I think it went OK, but frankly this was the first time I’ve done this and it's more fun being the mischievous fellow coming up with the questions than being the poor guy who has to answer! Peter is an excellent Bible teacher and I’ve learned a lot from him already. Peter has a lot of insights about the church in Asia.

After the forum, Mr and Dr Lim invited us back to their apartment for tea. They have a rented apartment here in the Highlands. We had green tea (which I am drinking plenty of, despite being offered soft drinks). They also spend time trying to convince me to try the Durian, something Peter ate with great gusto (to the extent that he didn’t want any supper that night). I didn’t try the Durian but did try a number of different fruits, including the mangostene and some sort of hairy fruit called a rambotan. People think I’m being very timid, but they don’t realize how far I am outside my comfort zone!

I was completely wiped out, so after supper I went back to my apartment for an early night. There is no way I’d have made it to the end of the ministry at 10:00pm.

Again, the people here are being extremely kind to me, giving me the very best of everything. This morning a woman whom I don’t know gave me a loaf of bread and some fruit. The food is coming in faster than I can eat it. The Malaysians seem to eat constantly (a fact that they pointed out to me) but they don’t seem to gain weight!

There is no internet here in my room, but I was able to talk to Karen this morning with the phone card. There was a little child at my table at lunch today and it reminded me how much I miss my own children.


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