Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Monday August 25, 2008

Today I turned down a chance to go to a Bird Sanctuary, because I was really tired. In fact, rather than meet someone for lunch, I just went down to the hotel restaurant by myself. They were serving a “Penang Feast” buffet, which was quite good, with a lot of Indian influences on the menu. There was a spiced chicken dish, a mutton stir-fry with figs, and interesting cabbage dish and some others.

I went for supper to an Italian restaurant with Anthony and Li Coon Too. I’ve enjoyed the Chinese food, but it was really nice to have a wood fired pizza. Anthony is an architect and showed me a beautiful book on libraries around the world.

In the evening I spoke at Jalan Imbi Chapel about Hebrews 7 and 8. I think the ministry went well, though I need to constantly remind myself to slow down because of my accent. However my only clean shirt was a long-sleeve and I was wearing a tie and the spot lights were on, so it was so hot that I needed to remove my tie and I almost fainted because of the heat.

Just a side note... I found it interesting that since we are close to the equator, the sun is directly overhead at noon.

Karen and I have been talking once or twice a day on the phone, mostly using Yahoo Voice. It’s worked out quite well, except at the conference where I didn’t have internet access in my room. But for that I had the phone card that I was provided with, so everything has turned out well.


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