Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Friday August 22, 2008

Once again we had rice for breakfast, which seems to be a standard part of the diet. Good thing I like rice! But this morning we also had hash browns and scrambled eggs. Peter preached for 3 hours this morning. I assure you if it is hard to listen for 3 hours, it’s harder to preach for 3 hours. I really enjoyed Peter’s ministry. There was much encouragement for me to keep digging in the Bible for myself. Note that this encouragement was not in the form of someone telling me to dig into the Bible, but through seeing the example of someone who really has dug into the Bible for himself.

After lunch we did another forum, where Peter and I answered questions. It seemed to go alright. In the evening I preached twice. I’m going to have to do something else with my voice, because it is almost gone and I am supposed to preach tomorrow 3 times, and preach on Sunday 3 times as well. I think I’ll try preaching with less volume and let the PA system do the work for me.


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