Thursday, September 18, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Tuesday August 19, 2008

This afternoon I went out for lunch with one of the Deacons at JIC, to a place called Tony Roma’s in “The Pavilion”. Hong Sim is a financial planner by trade, a profession that is relatively new in Malaysia. We discussed the support of Christian workers, and I learned something about the economy of Malaysia.

At supper I went out with Mr and Dr Lim. She attended medical school in the UK. They took us out to a nice restaurant which served western style food. Together with us were Keat San and Peter Ferry. Peter is one of the other speakers at the conference. He is a Scotsman who came to Malaysia as a soldier, married a local girl, and has been a missionary in Thailand for almost 50 years. He had many interesting insights on the church in Asia, particularly in Thailand, Burma, and China.


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