Saturday, September 13, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Monday August 18, 2008

Just thinking back to last night, I should also add that Malaysians are very proud of their country. They are aware of the achievements that their country has made, including economic development, hi-tech employment, and infrastructure. You can tell a lot about a country by what they put on their currency, and for example the 10 Malaysian Ringgit note has a picture of a cargo ship, a Malaysian airlines aircraft and a light rail train. The RM50 note has a picture of an offshore oil rig. There’s a lot more to Malaysia than just the Petronas Towers! The people I had supper with last night were all telling me how much they love their country, and one woman was saying that her husband was flying the biggest flag in the neighbourhood, a fact that he didn’t deny.

For lunch I went out with Keat San and Oliver to “The Ship”, which is a restaurant shaped like a ship. Keat San works as a project manager half time, which gives him more time to be involved in church work. Oliver is working in China on a contract. I had a minute steak in a satay sauce (peanut and red chillies), with cream of chicken soup, mashed potatoes, vegetables and ice cream cake for dessert. Interestingly enough, they had Diet Coke, something I have seldom seen here, even in the 7-11. Coming back we took a walk through a shopping mall. My impression is that, in this mall at least, there are a larger number of small stores that you would see in Canada, and less large chains. Individual small business owners will find it easier to get space in the malls.

I spent the afternoon practicing a sermon and having a nap. My body still isn’t fully adjusted to the time zone. For supper I went out to TGI Friday’s with Rick. It seems funny that I’ve never eaten at this restaurant chain in North America, and my first chance to try it was while in KL. Rick and I shared a number of ideas about Christian discipleship and evangelism. While going to the restaurant, we walked through the “Starhill Gallery” and the “Pavilion” mall. The Starhill is a high end mall, with stores like Gucci. In other words, it is world-class. The Pavilion is right next door, and I would say is a much better shopping mall than anything I’ve seen in Ottawa. Rising 6 stories with polished marble floors, it is very impressive! Interestingly enough I am told that the man who owns both these malls is a very fine Christian and is very outspoken about his faith when interviewed.


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