Sunday, September 28, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Saturday August 23, 2008

I slept quite well last night. I’ve divided my possessions into two suitcases. A smaller one that I have borrowed went with me to Batu Gajah, while some people from JIC took my larger suitcase back to KL for me. I finished preaching 3 messages in the morning.

We hopped in the car and drove up to Batu Gajah. It took a couple of hours. Along the way we passed Kellie’s Castle, which is an unfinished “castle” which was commissioned by a British fellow named Kellie. The workers from India were so happy with the way he treated them, that when they built their Hindu temple they included a statue of Kellie along with their gods. Batu Gajah is a small town about 27 km from the State capital of Ipoh. Some folks from the church there took us out for Chinese food. I stayed at the home of Martin and Anna. They have a lovely home and made me feel very welcome. It was a lot of fun joining a big Indian family with the kids calling me “uncle”. I was talking to Martin, but at 10:30 Anna wisely suggested that unless I went to bed I would be up all night. Martin drives the chapel van on Sunday morning to pick up the folks who need transportation.


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