Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Friday August 15, 2008 (sort of)

OK, I’m sitting in the Hong Kong airport, and its 6:20am. I have now cleared security three times, once for each of my flights. The first one I understand. The second was because I needed a Cathay Pacific boarding pass in Vancouver, and had to leave the secure area to do so. The third... well I don’t actually know why. I was leaving one Cathay Pacific flight and transferring to another. Oh well, there are no line ups at 5:30am.

Note to self: Vancouver to Hong Kong is a long 13 hours when the in-flight entertainment system doesn’t work for your seat, the cabin is dim, and your personal reading light is not working. On the up side, I was given a $50 voucher for the duty free shop, and the guy beside me gave me his. So on the way home, I’ll do $100 worth of shopping. I’m really zonked. I’ve got another 6 hours of wait and travel before I get to KL. There are no power plugs at this gate, and no free Wi-Fi, so no letters or phone calls to Karen.


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