Monday, September 01, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Wednesday August 13, 2008

As I type this, I’m at the airport, waiting for my flight to Vancouver to board. I slept in this morning, and spent a casual day with my family. I wasn’t feeling too well, but I think this was nerves. Karen and I dropped the children off at Nana’s house, and then proceeded on to the airport. We had some supper at the Swiss Chalet at the airport, and then I went through security. And now I sit and wait. At least my cold symptoms have subsided. My nose was never running very much (only in the mornings) and now I’m feeling fine.

OK, now I’m sitting in the Vancouver airport. I had to leave the security area, go to the Cathay Pacific desk for my boarding pass, and then back through security. The seats at this gate don’t have power, so my laptop is running on the battery. There is free Wi-Fi, so I sent an email to Karen. The flight to Vancouver was good, but I didn’t sleep much and now my body feels like it is 2:00am.

One other point to mention. On the way to Vancouver I was sitting next to an exit. The stewardess explained what to do in an emergency, but the girl sitting next to me WOULD NOT move her carry-on stuff under the seat. When in an emergency aisle this is very important, but the stewardess had to ask her 3 times. The first time she ignored the stewardess. The second time she moved her stuff closer to her seat. The third time, with the stewardess standing over her watching, she finally moved her stuff.


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