Saturday, February 14, 2009

I think I understand...

A man who has been found guilty of terrorism is about to be sentenced. The Crown is calling for 2 Life sentences with an extra 44 years tacked on... and no parole for 10 years. That's right folks, you can receive a double life sentence plus 44 years, and what it actually means is that you could walk out free in 10 years (minus your double or triple time for time already served).

This confused me. It obviously has nothing to do with justice. And it obviously has nothing to with logic. It is certainly a violation of English usage, for which the word "life sentence" has a different meaning.

However I think I now understand. This is meant to be a catharsis, so that those involved in the legal system can feel that they are doing something. It also gives them an excuse if challenged (we were tough on him, we gave him a double-life sentence). But again, it has nothing to do with justice.

Well, that's something that's got to change. Life ought to mean life. And don't give me any nonsense about needing to give prison populations hope so that they are easier to manage. There is nothing to manage if a guy is sitting in a cell 24 hours a day.


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