Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interesting Posting

Someone on Facebook made an interesting comment, which I would like to share and expand (i.e. I don't claim credit for the majority of this thought, but want to add a bit of my own in italics):

"Our society is post-Christian, post-modern, post-historical and post-literate. Post-literate means that even if we could read, we wouldn't understand what we were reading."

Yes, I think this is a good summary of where we are at. A Christian foundation is rapidly disappearing. Now I doubt that the majority of people in my society were ever devout Christians. However a Christian foundation provided a common understanding of reality.

Post-modernism introduces it's own set of insanities, with such lunacy as the denial that truth exists. Post-historical means we not only don't learn lessons from the past but that we don't think the past has any lessons to teach us.

The Post-literate comment was new to me, but I think it was insightful. Most people read very little, unless it is popular trash, a single paragraph summary, or has been dumbed down as so to spoon-feed the reader.

All of this presents challenges for the Christian church. How do you reach out to people with the truth when they look at you blankly and tell you that truth doesn't exist. For that matter, when a person is converted to Christ, they no longer have an instinctive and implicit Christian understanding of reality. They don't all of a sudden have the reading skills required to read and study the Bible.

However... for Christian parents, and especially homeschooling Christian parents, this presents a tremendous opportunity. Because we can train our children to understand and appreciate truth, history, literature and especially the Christian faith. Because this provides a basis for reality and for functioning in the real world, we can give our children a chance to excel in comparison to all the children who are indoctrinated with post-Christian, post-modern, post-historical and post-literate nonsense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make a great point.
On the one had we can (and should) be really concerned for our society -- it is moving fast and hard toward nonsensical.
On the other hand, isn't it a huge blessing that we still have the freedom/ability to raise our children to be readers and thinkers, to stand on firm moral ground, and to understand the Truth of scripture?


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