Saturday, January 31, 2009


Coming home from the Museum of Civilization today, I experienced that wonderful "sunlight gleaming off the pavement into your eyes until you see green spots every time you blink" phenomenon. However, it lead to a realization... your brain registers the same amount of brightness regardless of whether you are seeing with one eye or two. If the brain was a relatively simple input sensor, it would register twice as much light when you were seeing with two eyes as opposed to one. Of course this would make our sight a very different type of thing, and I would suggest would make vision of much less value. But the brain is not simple. On the contrary it is very sophisticated. And to my way of thinking, this sophistication is more evidence that we were designed rather than just being the product of evolution. Of course I could discuss how unlikely it would be for the eyeball and the vision center of the brain to develop simultaneously, but without both structures vision is impossible.


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