Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today I was listening to the news and was once again greeted by a pathetic attempt at justice. A man was sentenced for 1st degree murder. He knifed someone to death on one of our city buses, as part of a robbery.

As is usual for this kind of case, the judge made very strong statements about the guilty party. He said the crime was deliberate. He said that the victim was innocent. He said that he was concerned that the guilty man showed no remorse for his crime.

And then as usual, after the tough talk, he handed out a sentence that was pathetic. Yes, life in prison... with no parole for 10 years. And with time served, he'll be out in 7.5 years.


But what really surprises me is that he wasn't given double or triple time off for time already served. Our "justice" system has this neat trick whereby they give double or triple credit for time served before trial. Being criminal but not being stupid, some felons are seeking to delay their trials as much as possible, knowing that they are guilty and will serve the time anyway, but usually getting out earlier because of their 2x or 3x pre-trial incarceration.


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