Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Have We Learned?

What have we learned from this whole Hamas vs. Israel thing?

Land for Peace is a Myth
One of the favourite aphorisms of the Left is that there will be no peace until Israel surrenders land. But we have now learned that this is not true. Israel unilaterally surrendered its settlements in Gaza. Hamas took over and treated this as a great victory. And then Hamas used that land to lob about 6,000 mortar shells and rockets over the border into Israel. No doubt the Left will keep up the pressure on Israel to surrender more land, but we now know that these demands have nothing to do with peace.

Hamas Really Means It
A man named Hitler once wrote a book called Mein Kampf, in which he described what he was going to do. Nobody took him seriously. He couldn’t possibly be serious. But he was. And he kicked off a war that murdered 6 million Jews and perhaps 70 million others before it was over. Hamas is absolutely dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Now we know this. They will break a 3 hour humanitarian ceasefire. They will fire rockets from school yards. They will shoot from U.N. compounds. They will hide weapons in mosques. They will move their soldiers around in ambulances. They will hide behind women and children. And they are 100% serious when they say they want to drive the Jews into the sea. Hamas might seem radical, but they really mean what they say.

Don’t Trust the Press or the U.N.
Neither the main stream media nor the U.N. can be trusted to be impartial in this conflict. From staged scenes for the T.V. media to broken U.N. promises to investigate shooting from U.N. compounds, these two agencies are no longer credible.

Anti-Semitism is Alive and Well
Supporters of Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, can march through the streets shouting “death to the Jews” and governments around the world turn a blind eye. More chilling is the video footage of German police breaking into a private apartment to remove an Israeli flag from a window, rather than risk the anti-Semitic terror supporters getting more violent. I was talking to a friend last night and he was right; the incredible hatred being shown against the Jews must be supernatural. There is an active malevolent power in this universe that is ultimately behind anti-Semitism.

Human Rights Commissions are a Farce
The various Canadian Human Rights Commissions are a farce. They are brave when taking on some isolated Christian Pastor, but when the crowds get fired up and chant “death to the Jews” the HRC’s are absent.

The Palestinians are Hurting
I have no idea how many Palestinians have been killed or wounded in this conflict. The current quoted number is 800 killed, but honestly, who can trust that number? But whether the number is 800 or just 10% of that number, I have no doubt the Palestinians are suffering. They have been victims of their own governments (whether the corrupt guys or the fanatics), their own political disunity, their own tendency to shoot themselves in the foot, the Arab governments around Israel who refuse to let them settle, and the hatred in their own hearts. I don’t blame them for the hatred. If I had suffered the same way I would probably hate too. And I would be looking for someone to blame. But acting out of hatred will not end their suffering. Someone among the Palestinian people themselves must step up to provide honest, competent and moderate government, and the Palestinians themselves must follow such a man. This is a huge leap, and historically few peoples have been able to overcome hatred and build a lasting peace. The Palestinians have suffered for half a century. Hopefully the next half a century will be better for them. I really hope so. I have a lot more sympathy for the Palestinians than you realize.


Blogger ROGER TRUCKER said...

Palestine seems to be the useful tool of the day to slander Jews and Christians alike. I think you hit the spot on many of the aspects on manipulation, on the side of journalism especially. How cheap can they go just for the sake of visual stimulation?

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