Friday, March 03, 2006


U.S. President Bush visited India yesterday. India has agreed to open 14 of their nuclear reactors to international inspection. You would think Bush would get some credit for the diplomacy involved in this. Of course not. Rather than emphasizing the increased world stability and the fact that Bush is working through international inspectors, the press is pushing the angle of the protesters.

Short of converting to Islam, attacking Israel and handing Iraq back to Saddam, is there anything that could make the protesters stop complaining against Bush? Oh, I almost forgot... he'd also have to give up on capitalism (to please the leftists), make the United States 100% dependant on foreign oil (to please the environmentalists), give up on free trade (to please the anti-globalization nuts) and unilaterally disarm (to please the liberal church groups). Then people would like Bush.

Good thing Bush doesn't care if he is liked or not.


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