Saturday, February 11, 2006

Homiletics Seminar

It was a busy day. This morning I did a seminar on Homiletics at Bridlewood Bible Chapel. It seemed to go well. There were about 25 people from 7 different churches and 4 different denominations present. The feedback was positive. The only downside is my voice. After battling a cold for the last week (which continues), talking for two and a half hours wasn't great. My voice is still rough!

Back home for lunch and then back to the chapel for the AWANA Grand Prix. This is where the children race the wooden cars we made. I don't think I have the knack for making these cars, because my children's cars usually come in last (which makes me feel like a bad father for not having more woodworking tools; yes, this is crazy but it is how I feel). Anyway, I think I'll buy a scale so that next year I can get the weight just right.


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