Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Memories of My Education - Part 2

I got mugged during Frosh Week, by a couple of girls, who were after the tie I was wearing with my T-shirt. I guess the story requires some elaboration. During my first year at Western, I lived for the entire year at Sydenham Hall residence. Those who have attended Western sometime in the last 15 years might consider this somewhat incredible, but back then it was an all male residence. It changed to all-female the next year, and no I did not play a direct role in any of the riots (I was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the rioting crowd).

Anyway, during Frosh Week, all the Syd Frosh had to wear these polyester red ties at all times. I was walking along the sidewalk when a couple of girls asked me were the pub was located. Because I don’t drink, I wasn’t sure, so I turned around and pointed between some buildings and explained as best I could. When I turned back to face them, there were now four of them. Being nobody’s fool, I knew they were after my tie. I guess they had little experience with ties, because they thought they could remove it my grabbing on the ends and pulling… which of course is like trying to remove a dog’s choke collar by choking him. I had one finger over the top of the knot, and the rest of my hand on the tie. It was awful tight, and by this time I was down on my knees. But through the tangle of legs I could see a couple of guys walking along and they were wearing… red ties! With the last of my air I screamed, “Hey Sydenham. HELP!” They came running, and the girls went running, and I retained both tie and honour.

I kept the tie for many years, but I’m not sure where I put it, which is surprising considering the price I was willing to pay to retain it. One thing is for certain; after Frosh Week I NEVER put that tie on again. Ah, higher education…


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