Sunday, March 05, 2006

How do you spend a 4 day weekend

Well, I decided to take last Friday and this coming Monday off work. I have a few things I wanted to get caught up on. However, it hasn't worked entirely the way I planned.

Joel had been sick last weekend, but is mostly recovered. On Friday, Karen got it. Fever, cough and fatigue. I was able to take the older two kids out to Chapters, and I was able to finish the March issue of the Learning at Home newsletter (for homeschooling families in the Ottawa area). However, by the end of the day it was also clear that Hannah was also sick.

On Saturday, we had to postpone Joel's birthday party. Karen was too sick, and I couldn't do the whole thing myself, in addition to looking after a sick child and a sick wife. Joel was pretty good about it. I did get to take him to Toys R Us, where he spent his birthday money on a big Viking ship. Hannah was about what you would expect from a feverish child.

However, about an hour before the children's bedtime, Karen was feeling well enough to let me go out to the Kanata Symphony Orchestra. They were giving a concert. While not a professional orchestra, they definitely have talent. The pieces they selected were also quite sophisticated.

This morning I got up with Hannah at 6:00am. By 7:00am I had to wake Karen, because Hannah had vomited all down the front of my t-shirt. Karen looked after Hannah while I pulled the vomit soaked t-shirt over my head and went to the shower. This is probably poetic justice because as a baby I did the same thing to my Dad.

Anyway, Hannah is very clingy, and for some reason wants me. If I come upstairs, she follows. As a family, we are not well enough to go to church today.

Tomorrow, hopefully everyone will be a bit better. I've got to do the car license renewals, but that's about it.


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