Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's been a while since I blogged. Things have been crazy busy for me at work, leaving me totally drained when I get home. That's not likely to change, but I did want to do some blogging tonight because I'm still alive and still have opinions!

First I would like to offer some kudos. The power window on my van broke on the weekend, leaving the window half dropped down into the door. The closest GM dealer said that they couldn't possibly take me into their shop, which would have left me with a half-open window in the middle of the Canadian winter. No kudos for them. But when I phoned Myers Cadillac Chevrolet, they told me that they wouldn't be able to fix the window on the Saturday but they would try to get it closed for me. After a very frosty ride across town, they did exactly that. Kudos to Myers for getting my window closed for me.

The second kudos is for "Mosaic Buffet". This is a Chinese / Indian buffet in Kanata. I offer a kudos on a couple of scores. First, it is innovative to offer both types of food. Second, the price is great, particularly Monday to Thursday, plus children 5 and under eat free and 12 and under eat for half price. Third, the food is good. Yes, I've had better food, but typically in places that charge twice as much. Fourth, the owner has the strength of his convictions. He is a Muslim and does not serve pork or alcohol. Pork isn't such a big deal, but not serving alcohol will hurt him in the pocket-book. Still, I have an admiration for a man who is willing to live by his own convictions. The meat is halal.

Tomorrow I may have another update about a merchant in Ottawa, but if they don't have my snow blower fixed it will not be a kudos! If they manage some minimal level of customer satisfaction, I will refrain from naming them and just keep silent about the matter.


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