Thursday, August 07, 2008

I guess it shows

I guess it shows when someone owns their own business. I hired a plumber the other day. He came while Karen was home in the day, did a good job and left. We needed a minor adjustment, so he came back tonight. That let me make my own impression.

He advertises himself as giving white gloves service. He brought a mat and booties so that he didn't mess up our floor. He phoned when he was going to be slightly later than he had said. He was apologetic about the need for some minor adjustment. He was working until 6:30pm at my place, and had one more job after that. He also showed Bethany what he was doing, and told me that he likes encouraging young people to consider trades like plumbing. When a guy owns a business, it shows. Oh yes, and when Karen had a flood in progress and phoned his hotline, he walked her through what to do, not knowing if he would get a job out of it. Will I phone him again? You bet.

Now an application. Stock options are given out few and far between these days. But we do get bonuses if the company performs well. I feel that Managers should get their bonuses in company stock, with some sort of vesting period. Don't get me wrong; I like a cash bonus as much as anyone. But I believe that anyone with management responsibility should be an owner of the company. I felt so strongly that I wrote the Senior VP of HR. He sent me back a prompt reply, but didn't agree. Well, I tried.


Blogger ROGER TRUCKER said...

The Bible says that "the love of money is the root of all evil". It is obvious to see it when a person does his job so he can make a difference, or, like the big corporations, are in search of their own riches and glory... the guys on top of it, that is.

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