Saturday, August 02, 2008

Christian Commitment?

We usually define commitment in terms of time, energy and money. And yes, these are a measure of commitment. What would you think of my commitment to may marriage if my wife got little of my time? Or what if I said I loved her, but had little energy for activities together. And would you think I had a strong commitment if I spent all my money on me, and little of it on her? You wouldn't think much of my "commitment".

And so it is with the Christian faith. I may self-identify as a Christian, but if my time, energy and money were examined, would others think that I am a committed Christian? Or would they think that my highest commitment is to my job, my computer games, my sports teams, the gym, my pristine home, or even my family?

But there is one other dimension I want to mention, and that is enthusiasm. If energy is the physical energy with which we tackle tasks, then by enthusiasm I am referring to the emotional energy and interest that we invest in our activities. There is only so much enthusiasm available within us. And perhaps the best measure of enthusiasm is what we talk about. What is talk about is usually what we are aspiring to.

So by this measure, what do I aspire to?


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