Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Really Weird Computer Problem

Karen told me the downstairs computer was not connecting to the internet. Not a surprise. I find our home wireless network is fairly flakey. I'm pretty tech savvy, so I figured I could fix it. We tried rebooting the wireless router and the modem. I doubted the problem was with the modem because my laptop connected just fine. I disabled the wireless card, did a hard reboot, and did a couple of other things. Strangely, the wireless card was receiving the occasional packet. So I figured I would need to shutdown, crack the top, remove the wireless card, reboot, shutdown, reinstall the wireless card and reboot. I have this strange computer downstairs that loses its mind every once in a while.

But before I get a chance to crack the top, Karen told me that the computer upstairs was also refusing to connect to the internet. Now this is really weird, because the computer upstairs doesn't use the wireless. Double weird is the fact that my laptop was working, both wired and wireless.

OK, now for triple weird. I disconnected the cable from the working laptop and plugged it into the upstairs computer. It didn't work. I took the cable from the upstairs computer and plugged it into the laptop, and it did work.

The laptop has Vista, and uses the MS firewall. The others run XP and use Zonealarm. Both use AVG for anti-virus. Zonealarm is properly configured.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what is going on?


Blogger Rileysowner said...

You could always try turning off your firewall on the ones that won't connect to see if they will connect without the firewall. I doubt that is the problem, but I have had firewalls do weird thing like that without me doing anything to change them.

Beyond that, I have no idea. Any software installed on them recently? That could be the cause as well.

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