Friday, June 20, 2008

Destroying a Society

If you wanted to purposefully set out to destroy a society in a single generation, how would you do it?

Start by weakening the bond between the parents and the children. Start the infants in daycare. Send them to a public school where they will not be taught the values of their parents but the values of the State and the liberal elite. Clamp down on homeschooling. Make two income families the norm, where children get a couple of scraps of time at the end of the day.

Then make sure that values do not get passed from generation to generation. Convince parents that they have no right to teach their values to their children, but that all views are equally good and valid. Take away the right of parents to discipline their children. Even though we already have laws against child abuse, make it illegal to give a child an occasional spank. Attack the notion that legitimate authority when acting towards a noble purpose has the right to discipline. Make emotional arguments that can be repeated by the weak-minded among us.

The essential goal is to ensure that parents understand that their only right is to pay for the upbringing of the children, and that they don't have the right to help mold the character of their children. Whether secular traditions or religious instruction or common wisdom, make sure that none of this filters down to the next generation.

Make sure that unelected judges and politicians cannot be removed, no matter how out of touch with reality they are. Given them free reign to impose their radical views on us. Ensure that political correctness and trendy views trump the methods and values that have worked for millennia.

Tell children that their body belongs to themselves, and so nobody has the right to question who, how and when they have sex. Don't tell them that sexual relationships have significance far beyond immediate pleasure. Make abstinence a dirty word and virginity a joke.

Do all of this, and you will destroy a society in a single generation.


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