Friday, September 15, 2006

Liberal Leadership

Carolyn Bennett has withdrawn from the Liberal leadership contest, and has thrown her support behind Bob Rae (the former NDP Premier of Ontario). In her own words, Bob Rae "has the experience to lead our party, bring us all together, and to do the most important thing - stop Stephen Harper's Republican agenda." Well, there we have it folks. The ultimate fear and ultimate goal of the political left (including retread socialists like Bob Rae and those who would support him)... to stop Harper's Republican agenda. It seems this is the ultimate accusation. Whether they actually understand that Stephen Harper has a different vision than they do of what is best for Canada, or whether they actually believe their own rhetoric, I can't say. But they seem to have an unlimited capacity for anti-American scare mongering.

Resolved: in any political discussions, to get in a first strike by mindlessly comparing Liberal and NDP policies and leaders to Cuba and Castro. (E.g. "The most important thing is to stop Bob Rae because he just wants to turn Canada into another Cuba.") If challenged, roll my eyes and dismiss the challenger as hopelessly and dangerously befuddled. True, I actually understand that the Liberals and the NDP honestly have a different vision of what is best for Canada. But if I'm going to act like them I can't admit it.

On the other hand, I do honestly believe that the vision the Left has for Canada is dangerous. They have lots of compassion, but not too many decent ideas for what the country needs or how to bring about peace, justice and prosperity for the nation.


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