Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We spent the weekend at my parents house in Sudbury. It's been a while since we visited, due to the problems associated with traveling with a small child. Well, the problems still exist. Hannah didn't sleep much, and as a result, neither did we. But that aside, we had a great trip. It was great seeing my parents again (although they do travel to come visit us a couple of times a year), and my Aunt Betty and Uncle Clayton were able to come by for lunch on Saturday. Saturday night my parents did a “Surf and Turf” dinner with a huge pile of barbecued T-Bone steaks and crab legs. I was still feeling a bit sick from the lack of sleep, so I only ate one and a half steaks, but there was another one there I really wished I could have dug my teeth into. Karen is the seafood lover, and had quite a feed of Alaskan King Crab legs. Sunday we were at Sudbury Bible Fellowship, and got to see a lot of old friends. I had been asked to speak in the morning and evening, and hope some of what I said was profitable. Anyway, it was a good trip. By the third night there, Hannah was sleeping better, and we've all slept great since coming home.


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