Monday, September 04, 2006

A Little Bit Lighter

I've been doing some studying about dispensationalism, and frankly it's been pretty heavy going. I have everything I need to present in a couple of sermons on this topic, but I want to make sure I have all the technical details (the ones I will not be presenting during a Sunday sermon) fully understood and integrated into my system of theology.

So, it was time for a bit of a breather. For a dollar, I was able to pick up a discard book from the local library entitled, "Military Errors of World War Two" by Kenneth Macksey. After buying it, I found out it is considered somewhat of a classic. As a former armour officer in World War Two, Macksey is most interesting when he discusses the errors committed in North Africa, as well as by Guderian. In these areas he has more detail, whereas his discussion of some of the other types of warfare (e.g. failures in the U-Boat campaigns) are also good but have much of the same material and emphasis as other books. For example, Macksey is quite clear about the errors made by Rommel, whereas many historians leave you with the impression that Rommel was an armoured genius who never made any mistakes.

Compared to dispensational theology, it was pretty light. And a steady diet of such would profit little. But as a short break, it was a good read. Particularly for a dollar.


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