Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lego Land

A guy posted a message on the internal bulletin board about some Lego for sale. Usually this stuff goes fast, so rather than emailing him I phoned, ended up talking to his secretary (he's an executive with the company) and asked her to make sure I was the first person he replied to about this. In any major corporation it helps to be polite to the secretaries because they either smooth the path or apply the breaks.

The net effect was that I got the equivalent of a 24 inch x 18 inch x 10 inch bin full of Lego for $50. This was a great price for some great Lego, including some electronic kits that Joel knows about but about which I have no clue. Joel had been planning to buy some Lego that day with $15 he had saved up, so the net cost to me was $35. This was definitely the biggest Lego extravaganza of Joel's life; he's never got that much Lego in one day (and will never again).


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