Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Hannah has been sick for the past day or so. Last night she was up until 3:00am. Her diaper needed to be changed several times, she barfed on her sheets and she barfed on me. Then she was up at 6:00am and has had more diaper problems and barfed again. The big family dinner we had planned to host was cancelled. And our participation at the annual Easter Conference was curtailed. This morning we didn't get out to church to hear the special speaker from the conference.

However, Christ is risen. And while I certainly haven't enjoyed the experiences over the past 24 hours, ultimately the reality of the resurrection of Christ overshadows the ups and downs of life.

For each of us, the reality of the resurrection must mean something. If Christ did indeed rise from the dead, then this is not only the most important event in history, but is also an event which requires a response in each individual’s life. If He did rise from the dead, it is up to each of us to find out what God expects of us.

Happy Easter!


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