Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Sound Recorder

Our church has just purchased a new sound recorder. Recording sermons is a tricky thing, since most recorders are meant only for music, have digital copyright protection (ignoring the fact that I want to CREATE my own material, not rip other peoples material), etc.

One of the issues is to find something that is easy to use. It is no use if you have a recording device that only one person in the church knows how to use.

What we purchased the other day was the Edirol R-09HR. It has a good quality built in microphone, and a mic and line in. It runs on batteries or AC adapter. Press the record button once to check the volume, a second time to record and hit stop once to stop recording and save the file. Uses an SD memory card and has USB download. I am saving to a 96kbs MP3, but it also supports WAV.

Pretty slick.


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