Friday, June 06, 2008

I've Been Abandoned

I've been abandoned by Microsoft. I bought Microsoft Money many years ago, and upgraded in 2000 and 2005. With a brand new computer and Windows Vista I decided to look into upgrading to Money 2008. There are in fact several choices. But not if I live in Canada. You see Money 2008 is only supported in the United States and Japan. I suppose I could buy it, but why pay for unsupported software? I went to the Microsoft Canada website and got more details. Microsoft Money 2006 is still available for sale in Canada. However when I click on the link "How to Buy" it takes me to a statement that says it is not available directly from Microsoft. And, no surprise, there are no links to any vendors that sell it, because what vendor is going to carry a version of software that is a couple of years old? So I found my old disk for Money 2005 and it seems to install and run under Vista. Thanks Microsoft!


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