Saturday, April 12, 2008

More on Books

OK, I asked what 5 books you would give to a future civilization to try to give them a boost out of the middle ages. Before discussing my choices, I'll mention some books I wouldn't choose.

First, I wouldn't choose a book on history. Now for someone who thinks history is important that might be a controversial decision. But here is my reasoning. This is a society that is basically unconnected with our own, which makes a book on history less valuable. Now I didn't say valueless. I said less valuable. An example is the way books on ancient Greece and Rome are of value in understanding Western civilization, while books on ancient China are of less value in understanding Western civilization.

Second, I wouldn't include a Bible concordance. This is something that can be generated through mere effort (considerable effort, but just effort divorced from creativity). I'm more interested in books that explain creative jumps.


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