Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paul Potts Concert

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a concert by Paul Potts. Karen phoned me up at work and told me that she would try to get me a ticket if I wanted to go. And I did! Ottawa's Centerpointe Theatre has excellent acoustics, and held a sell out crowd of 1,000 people. Potts came with a 14 piece orchestra, and a lead musical group called "The Three Graces" (who did an interesting rendition of Phil Collins "Against All Odds" in Italian). Potts himself was suffering from a cold but did a good job of the songs from his CD, as well as some new material including Ave Maria. As a side note, I know a very small amount of Latin but it was enough to know that I wasn't too impressed by the lyrics of Ave Maria (that's the convinced Protestant in me). Anyway, it was an enjoyable evening, and could only have been better if Karen had been there with me. Thanks Karen!


Blogger grapereonto said...

I remember when he won the Britain's Got Talent competition. I bought his CD on the FIRST DAY that it became available in Toronto. What a beautiful voice!

Vicero! Vicero! Vicero!

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