Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Types of Political Supporters

I think it's important to distinguish between thoughtful adherents to a specific political philosophy, the party loyalists who merely love politics, and the mindless yahoos.

The conservative movement has thoughtful, thoroughly convinced philosophical conservatives. There are those are just part of the Party because they like being involved in politics, the thrill of winning and the political process. There are also yahoos who just like to make outrageous statements to get some laughs (or at least a reaction).

The left has its own versions. There are philosophical liberals and socialists. They tend to be naive, but are relatively harmless. There are also the yahoos on the left whose answer to every problem is, "the government has lots of money; let them fix it". But for the political left is it the ones in the middle who are the most dangerous. With a small dose of ideology and a big desire for power, they can do a lot of damage to the economy of a country and (dare I say it) the moral fiber of a country. By moral fiber I'm not referring to a specific religious creed or even to deism, but to matters like industriousness, self-reliance, clear thinking about cause and effect in criminal justice, etc. Again, it is the ones in the middle who are the real danger. I put Trudeau in this category. Most of the bad things in this country (from a Constitution that doesn't include Quebec) to the criminal "justice" system, can be laid at the feet of Trudeau.


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