Saturday, February 09, 2008

What I'd Like to Do

Kim at the Upward Call has a list of 5 things she'd like to do before she dies. I'll provide my list with two caveats. First, this list focuses on what I want to do, and not necessarily what I'd like to see for others. So for example I'd like to babysit my grandchildren, and see what wonderful things God will do in my children's lives. But that's what I would like for them, not what I want to do. My second caveat is that I understand that I will achieve nothing of value without God directing. Some of these items may seem frivolous, but here goes...

(1) I want to visit the British Museum for several days by myself. The British Museum has the best antiquities from around the world. I'd love to spend several days wandering around looking at what I want to see.

(2) I want to write a book. Not sure what it will be about. It won't be fiction. I'm terrible at fiction. It doesn't need to be a best seller. It just needs to be something interesting that gets published.

(3) I want to teach a course on Christian Worldview. Maybe an enrichment program for homeschoolers, or maybe at a Christian High School. I've come close twice now. The first time the program was cancelled, and the second time I had to say no due to job uncertainty. But maybe someday.

(4) Take a graduate degree. I have two Bachelors degrees, but I have an urge to go back to school that never goes away. It just never seems possible.

(5) Secret. Yup, number five is a secret. Some people already know, but most people wouldn't understand goal number five. It's not something I could do myself, but I'd like to help. It's a big one.


Blogger Kim said...

I like your list.

I like your caveats, too.

10:42 a.m.  

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