Saturday, September 22, 2007

Random Stuff

I bought a CD today while I was out with the children, and started listening to it when driving home. As we listened to Puccini's aria "Nessun Dorma" Hannah got quiet, and at the end she said "That's a good song Dad!" Bright kid. Now if only we could get her to eat vegetables.


One of the local newspapers had a story entitled "Justice Denied", about a family whose son was murdered, and how the murderer was given something like 38 months in prison. Needless to say the murderer will get time off for good behaviour, mandatory parole, etc. But I think the title should not have been "Justice Denied" but rather "Justice Expected?" When you believe in the perfectibility of man (as do the Liberal Party and most of the judges they appoint) then a legal system needs neither punishment nor deterrent.


Probably the last barbecue of the season, so I got some nice steaks from Farm Boy. They seem to be a local success story, opening new branches. But admittedly Loblaws doesn't offer much competition.


Work continues to go well and continues to be busy. When you have great co-workers, a boss who believes in you, and your products are starting to sell, it feels good... even if it's really busy. Did I mention it's busy?


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