Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OK, I'm Wiped

I didn't sleep real well last night, but I was at work for just after 7:30am and left at 4:45pm. Karen and I were able to spend some time chatting (which I highly recommend for a married couple!). I also finished a handout for an upcoming sermon, upgraded the security on my wireless network by adding a MAC address, played unsuccessfully with some firewall settings, looked through the latest Uplook magazine, played with Hannah, put the kids to bed, prayed for several friends, sent out a reminder about the upcoming C.S. Lewis Discussion Group, sent about half a dozen emails, edited the homepage for the OpenOffice Project Management application, updated my finances, read the latest quarterly financial report my broker sends to me, checked Facebook for updates, visited a couple of my favourite websites and blogs, and wrote this blog posting. But you'll notice one thing is missing. I didn't read my Bible today. I must do better tomorrow. Not more. Just better.


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