Monday, August 27, 2007

Medieval Feast

Every year for the beginning of the school year, Karen does a special meal for the kids. But tonight she completely outdid herself in putting on a medieval feast for all of us. With all of us dressed up in medieval costumes and the table set with King Daddy in the center, we ate off bread plates with our fingers. The menu consisted of:

First Course
Pandamayne/Butter/Herb Soup

Second Course
Honey Roasted Baked Chicken/Salat/Makrouns

Third Course
Pork Pie/A Potage of Roysons

Dessert Board
Gynger Brede/Gaufrette

For those who need some translation help, pandamayne is a type of homemade bread. Salat is a salad with veggies and fruit, makrouns are a type of noodles with cheese (though in medieval times it was made with pastry), the pork pie actually had chunks of spiced pork tenderloin, the potage of roysons was a raisin and apple porage, and for dessert ginger bread and almond cookies.

Now go ahead and say it. I have a fantastic wife.


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