Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alpha Geek

Some of my e-friends (i.e. never met them in person but we communicate via the Internet) were kind enough to refer to me as the Alpha Geek. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the Alpha Wolf in a pack is the one who leads. Among geeks, the Alpha Geek is the one who grasp of the technical (as well as ownership of cutting edge gizmos) marks him out as a leader. Coming from this couple (the husband in particular being quite geeky himself), this was quite an honour.

Well I'm happy to report that today I did something which is in keeping with my new status as Alpha Geek. I installed a new wireless router which uses the draft version of the 802.11n wireless protocol. Not only does this boost range and bring me WPA2 encryption (using a shared key with the AES encryption algorithm - presumably 256 bit) but I now have a theoretical connection of 300 Mbps between my two computers. Of course the point is moot since it's a 1Mbps DSL line to the Internet, but as Alpha Geek it does give me bragging rights.


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