Sunday, August 12, 2007


The kids are in the jacuzzi tub (wearing bathing suits) so I actually have a couple of minutes to do updates.

Hannah is very fastidious. If she's eating and gets anything on her fingers, she very carefully wipes them on the table. And when she's done eating, she cleans off her placemat by wiping it all on the floor. She's going to have a hard time when she picks a husband; not too many men will meet such high standards. But we still have a couple of decades before we cross that hurdle.

Today Bethany was feeling ill, so I took the younger two children to church (and Karen is there tonight by herself for the evening service). Hannah sat nicely through the Breaking of Bread, and stayed in the Sunday School. That makes 2 weeks in a row. Obviously we're due for a fall.

We went to the Garlic Festival at the Carp Farmers Market yesterday. Perhaps "Festival" is overstating it. Really it just had a lot of the farmers selling garlic. We bought some, as well as some range-fed beef from a local farmer. The Carp Farmers Market is very strict about only allowing locally grown produce. Karen bought some vegetables from a farmer whose farm the homeschool coop toured.

The new job is going well, although this week will be very busy (since we're trying to ship one release and get another release started). I'm working with lots of good people whom I've worked with before. I also have a great boss (in fact, I've been blessed with a number of great bosses over the years. I can't think of a bad one.).

Anyway, I think the jacuzzi is coming to an end, so that's it for the update.


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