Friday, June 23, 2006


Today the Supreme Court decided unanimously that the Youth “Justice” Act does not allow for deterrence in a sentence. In doing so, they agreed that a 1 day sentence for a youth who put a billiard ball in a sock and beat a man to death, is appropriate.

Now I'm sure that there is a lot of legal thought behind this decision, but it's just plain wrong and demonstrates how poorly we are being served by this Supreme Court. Activist judges have no problem interpreting laws if it leads to a lack of righteousness, but can't lift a finger to protect Canadians.

Traditionally, a correctional system has three purposes. First, they are a punishment for the person who breaks the law. This satisfies the demands of Justice. Second, they are an opportunity for rehabilitation. This is for the benefit of the individual. And thirdly, seeing the punishment given to others, it is a deterrence. This benefits all society. A correctional system that only has rehabilitation in mind is warped and insufficient. A correctional system that denies the possibility of rehabilitation demonstrates a lack of mercy.

I've said it before and I will say it again. Canada has a legal system, but it does not have a justice system.


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