Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More on the Flu

I can handle the fact that I am not part of the priority targeted group. I don't mind waiting my turn. Well, I wouldn't mind waiting my turn if it were not for the line jumpers. The local hospital immunized their staff, plus whatever staff spouses and children showed up. The hospital said they struggled with an ethical question, but decided to vaccinate the relatives because the care givers would be unavailable to work if their family members were sick. Uh huh. Sounds more to me like they just didn't want to say no to their friends.

And then there are the Calgary Flames, who not only got a vaccination but didn't need to stand in line with the plebes. Yup, a private clinic. And no, they are not part of the priority group but they still got their vaccination. After all, hockey players are important, not like the rest of us.

Frankly, my opinion is that the people making these decisions should be fired. On the spot. Just maybe the rest would learn.


Blogger Rileysowner said...

I agree completely, having said that I find the approach being taken by the government for distribution of the vaccine is less that ideal. I would guess that at least part of the long waiting times is due to using clinics only rather than clinics and family doctors.

Since I have a cough, sore throat and fever that started today, I may have the flu already, so it is all a moot point if that is the case, but if this was not only a pandemic virus, but also a very virulent virus, the approach taken for vaccination would have been a great big fail.

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