Friday, October 30, 2009

Conservative Dinner

Last night I was out at the annual Fall supper for my Conservative EDA. There was an excellent meal at the local Holiday Inn, but the highlight was a speech my Senator Mike Duffy. Duffy was for many years a journalist with CTV. He was known as one of the smartest men in journalism, and indeed it turns out that he is a very funny speaker. He didn't say anything last night that the Liberal Party could latch onto in a vague attempt at scandal, but he certainly was a conservative's conservative. One of the highlights was his list of firsts for the Conservative Party (such as the first to elect a Muslim MP, first to elect a Hindu MP, introduced simultaneous translation into the House of Commons, etc). I wish I could remember the whole list.

Also present was Laureen Harper. She was as warm and friendly as ever, and in addition to being a tremendous political asset for the Prime Minister, is a really nice person.


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