Friday, July 17, 2009

It's not TV

Sometimes you wonder if our opinion of the criminal "justice" system is coloured by television. On TV, people are always getting off on technicalities. But that couldn't be real life, could it?

Today the Supreme Court of Canada threw out a drug conviction against a man. The police pulled over his SUV, he was driving with a suspended license, and when the cop searched his SUV the cop found 35 kg of cocaine.

Now I don't believe random searches are justified in a free society, but this guy was already committing a crime by driving with a suspended sentence.

Apparently I am not Supreme Court material. I'm just surprised that our judges didn't order the police to return his "private property" (a.k.a. the cocaine).

It's not just TV folks. The people in our top court truly are on the loony left, making crazy decisions for what they think are higher motives.


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