Monday, June 29, 2009


I guess it was inevitable. Bernie Madoff, whose $50 billion ponzie scheme collapsed and took out the life savings of thousands of individuals and the endowments of hundreds of major charities, was sentenced to 150 years in prison. That was not inevitable. I'm surprised that he got a real sentence. What was inevitable is that some have already started whining that 150 years is too harsh a sentence. After all, they argue, it's not as if he did anything violent. Personally I think "Life Imprisonment" should mean just that, for a whole range of violent crimes. But Bernie got what he deserved. If you steal billions and destroy the confidence of millions of people in our economic system, why should you ever get out of prison?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Wondering About Priorities

For the last 3 days, all the news headlines have been about Michael Jackson's death. I agree that his death is worth a news mention. He was very talented, albeit disturbed. But 3 days of headlines? Surely we could realize that other stories are more newsworthy! The United States is tracking a North Korean ship which may carry fissile materials. North Korea has threatened war if it is stopped. Protests in Iran continue, and the death count could go into the hundreds as a brutal regime cracks down. I've even heard rumours that the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Church is planning on revealing the Ark of the Covenant, which if true would be the story of the century. So what does the news devote itself to? King Michael is dead.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just Everyday

My oldest asked me how long it's been since I posted on my blog, and the answer is "almost a month". Seems like there is little time for detailed postings. I spend what little time I have doing short Facebook updates.

However there is always lots happening. We just got back from a short vacation in Niagara Falls and Toronto. The Great Wolf Lodge is a really great place to stay when you have children. The indoor water park is the big draw, but the food is actually very good too.

We bought a Tassimo coffee maker. I just enjoyed a decent home made cappuccino, for about 50 cents. It also makes tea and hot chocolate. I might be up all night, but at least I'll have a smile on my face.

I'm trying to spend more time reading in the evenings, rather than surfing the web. I have a bunch of half-read books on my bookshelf, and I am trying to finish them off one by one. Likewise I am studying the Gospel of Luke, in preparation for some upcoming sermons. I've done expository preaching through Hebrews and Romans, but never one of the Gospels. I'm looking forward to it.

Since coming back from vacation last Monday, I've been sick. I have a cold with a dry cough, and each day I'm a bit worse. I came home early today (though realistically I put in enough extra hours each week that I shouldn't feel guilty). I canceled a sermon out of town for this coming Sunday, because I suspect my voice would not hold out. No fever so it's not the flu.

Work continues to be very heavy. I am the Technical Project Manager and Test Manager for a relatively new product. The good news, career wise, is that I am working at a higher level than ever before (making higher level decisions) and feel like I've had a graduate degree in how to manage software projects over the last couple of years. Also good is the fact that my product is on the verge of widespread acceptance. The bad news is that there is just too much to do, though now I'm able to start sharing the load.

Finally, I need to do more around the yard. The lawn needs work, the fence needs painting, the driveway should be sealed, etc. Just normal everyday life...