Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sadness, Grief and Pain

On Monday, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend went to her doctor with symptoms of pneumonia. He did some tests and sent her to emergency. Last night she had an emergency quadruple bypass, and this morning her heart gave out. She leaves behind two teen aged boys. Life at best is very brief.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Bethany and Joel attended a Daily Vacation Bible School last week. It was put on by the local Fellowship Baptist church, and was really well done. Within their group of 30 children, Joel got the award for best boy, and Bethany tied with 2 others for best girl.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Major Update on Minor Events

Time for a miscellaneous update on a wide range of topics.

Karen made India food tonight. She marinated tandoori chicken and I barbequed it. She also did a nice basmati rice with cinnamon and we bought some samosas. Karen’s Mom brought over a chocolate pie. Yum!

Apparently war is fun. I was talking to a woman at work on Friday. She comes from a country which has a lot of civil war and instability. She said that things are better now. “Besides, war is kind of fun. It breaks the monotony of everyday life.” Well it certainly does break the monotony. Going out to chop away with your AK-47 is less boring than working 9 to 5. But give me 9 to 5 any day!

Like most parents, I do “This little piggy…” with my children while playing with their toes. However, my version is a bit different. It goes like this:

This little piggy went to market, to be turned into bacon,
and this little piggy stayed home, to be fattened up for thanksgiving,
and this little piggy had roast beef, because his parents were bourgeois capitalist pigs,
and this little piggy had none, because his parents were members of the proletariat,
and this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home, and then his master was fined because this is Kanata.

Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep.

A couple of Roman Catholic Members of Parliament have been denied communion because of their vote on same-sex marriage. The MP’s are saying how disappointed they are, but are they really surprised? Essentially they are saying that they are good Roman Catholics, but that they deny some of the most basic teachings of the Roman Catholic church. Others are outraged that the Roman Catholic church would try to influence these men. However the parish priest for one of these men made a good point; Roman Catholics are required to live their faith in their workplace. I’m not a Roman Catholic, but this argument is a sound one. People will criticize Christians for being hypocrites, but expect us to act one way in church (and maybe in the home) and in a completely different manner in the school and workplace. Sorry, but if you are a Christian you are a Christian everywhere, including the workplace and even if your job happens to be that of being a Member of Parliament. As a Christian in the workplace I am expected to show graciousness of character to all I deal with, but I cannot deny the most basic moral teachings that the Christian church has historically held.