Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where Do We Stand? (Part 2)

In the previous installment we saw the effects of a unaccountable, activist judicial elite. Not only is this ineffective at dealing with crime, it's become a means for the Left to make social policy without involving Parliament. However this is once again the result of a bigger problem. It's not only the courts that are run by the political Left, but it's also the press, the entertainment media and educational system. Now if you wanted to take over a country and impose your worldview, how would you do it? The ballot box? Don't be silly. The electorate is fickle. They may move to the Left in one election, but move to the Right in the next election. And most voters like to be somewhat in the middle, so they'll never move as far to the left as the Left would like. Clearly you will not be successful in taking over a country through winning an election. To take over a country you need a much more widespread and sustained approach. You need a means of influencing and controlling the hearts and minds of the people. And by controlling the courts, the press, the entertainment media and the educational system you accomplish exactly that.

If you think the press is neutral, you're dreaming. Studies have shown that members of the press are significantly more likely to vote for the Left, and significantly less likely to have any religious beliefs, than the general population. And frankly the press can spin a story a lot of different ways. Their freedom to lead us any way they want has been diminished by the rise of the blogosphere, but they're still a powerful influence. They feed the mind with the message of the Left.

The entertainment media also live out on the Left fringe. I think that's pretty obvious. Again, it's obvious that the programming on the major networks does not match the belief systems and values of the majority of the population. If the press leads our minds, the entertainment industry leads our hearts. That's what they do best; manipulating emotions.

But what about the educational system? The Left needs to own the educational system so it can influence hearts and minds from an early age. But am I being too hard on teachers? Not at all. I've met many teachers who are fine, upstanding and inspiring. I have nothing against the teaching profession. And frankly, the Left doesn't need to control all the teachers in this country. That would be very difficult. It's much easier to control the educational system by controlling the curriculum. Make sure you understand this; whoever controls the curriculum controls the educational system, and whoever controls the educational system controls the thoughts of the next generation.

I have some ideas for how right thinking people can change this. But my solution is pretty radical and expensive. I'm not sure a lot of my fellow Christians would agree with me. But I've thought a lot about this and think I have a solution which is faithful to the Scriptures and to my theological system. I'm not prepared to discuss it; not yet. Oh, and there's one other thing. The Left may control the courts, the press, the entertainment media and the educational system, but they forgot something which we can use to our advantage. There is one other structure of influence in our society that they don't own yet.


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