Sunday, July 01, 2007

Want to Take a Chance?

It's Canada Day and we're at home. Frankly the crowds get to both Karen and me, and Hannah is a bit young to go out until 11:00pm. So at 10:00pm Bethany was standing in our room, telling me she couldn't sleep and hoping to see some of the Kanata fireworks over top of the neighbours roofs. So I said, "Want to take a chance?" We jumped into the van and drove down to the parking lot of the local supermarket. There was a good unobstructed view across to where the fireworks were being set off. We were a fair distance away, but we got there right before the fireworks started. Bethany got to sit in the front seat of the van, and was BEAMING. Earlier tonight I told her I thought I was a bit of a creampuff, letting the children get away with too much and not saying "no" often enough. So on the way home she says, "Thanks, creampuff." Well, hopefully it built some memories. Next year I'll try to bring Joel along with me.


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