Friday, March 23, 2007

Idea for a TV Show

OK, I have an idea about how to make Christianity more acceptable in our society. Maybe we can even make a few converts using this idea. We'll create a TV show. The central character will be a young Baptist Pastor in his first parish. He'll be young, good looking, well educated and well spoken. While the show will be a comedy, it won't be making fun of Christians. Instead it will make fun of those who are ignorant of Christianity and present some of those situations Christians find themselves in a humorous manner. We'll need a romantic interest for the Pastor, so we'll have this young woman who is a very devout Christian. In some ways she'll be more conservative than the Pastor and in some ways more liberal. Her parents will be a bit of a mixed bag. Her Dad will profess Christianity, but in reality he'll be more interested in business than faith. Her Mom will be somewhere in the middle, between the Dad and the daughter as to the degree of her seriousness about Christianity. To make things interesting, we'll make the mother a convert from some other religion; maybe Islam. She converts to Christianity in order to marry. The folks in the local town will be the main comedic source since they will be bigoted against Christianity in a way that is obviously based on total ignorance. I think we could use this TV comedy to really explain Christianity, to make people comfortable with Christianity, and maybe even to help people consider the idea of becoming Christians themselves. For a title I wasn't sure, but I think “Little Church on the Prairie” might be good. We'll see if the CBC wants to produce it.


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